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This is another exclusive thought of, designed by, and made by distribution empire. Get a heavy duty bag with thick padding and plenty of storage complete wrapped in design digitally printed on leather, easily unzip the top and the bottom for easy cleaning. This set comes with everything you need and more starting with a glass beaker water pipe which has a design matching the set wrapped throughout, No ice catcher allows you to drop ice cubes into the water to cool the water for smoother hits and further roll the water for extra filtration. (Turn up by putting your favorite drink instead of water with ice). The set also comes with a glass bowl for dry herbs as well as a quartz banger for concentrates. This set also comes with a 60mm herb grinder which has a storage compartment on one side and a custom 3d sticker on both sides, please note that the grinder color comes random from a variety of colors available. but wait there's more! This set also comes with a custom made 8 inch shatter resistant tray with a matching design on it, you also get a colorful silicone jar.
No dabber included.

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