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Cleaning your dirty water pipe, dab rig or hand pipe has never been so easy as with the reusable Resölution Non Toxic Cleaning Gel. The natural, clay-based formula easily removes tar and resin from all your dirty smoke gear and leaves it looking spotless and brand new in no time.

Resölution Non Toxic Cleaning Gel is free of abrasive salts and is low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which not only makes it friendlier on the enivironment, but it is also a lot better for your glass. It comes in a innovative Shake-a-Bag, resealable pouch bag that is activated with just a few shakes.

To use, simply poor a nice amount of cleaning gel into your bong and start shaking. It works great in combination with Resölution Res Caps® Cleaning Caps, which seal your water pipe at the joint and mouthpiece, so the cleaning gel stays inside the water pipe.

For your small hand pipes, bowl and downstems, simply open up the top of the resealable pouch and drop them in for a few minutes, depending on how dirty they are. After use poor the cleaning gel back in the pouch and rinse with hot water and there you go, good as new.

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