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  • OCB is known for their amazing rolling papers but any true stoner knows you can't roll without your rolling tray. But after your done rolling up what do you do to keep all of your leftover product safe? Grab our OCB Rolling Tray Lid and secure your goods!
  • The OCB rolling table tray lid comes as a thick plastic lid that will fit on any OCB tray matching size and most other standard rolling trays matching size.
  • Our OCB Plastic tray lid is excellent for keeping all smoking accessories such as rolling papers, tips for papers, tools, product jars and much more in one organized place on your rolling tray after using it. Our OCB rolling plate Lid is the ideal stoner accessory that features a raised center to make sure it fits all of your accessories without smashing them.
  • OCB curates the best stoner gifts around, start your Christmas shopping early by ordering a metal rolling tray Lid for that special stoner in your life.
  • OCB rolling tray Lid are multipurpose, use it as a cigarette ashtray, hemp ashtray, smoke tray etc. Dry herb can be messy but our rolling tray is easy to clean and requires nothing more than soap and water.

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