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  • Big Hit: Equation of the day: What is the product of ‘Lemon Lime Soda + Crisp Green Apple’ to the power of ‘Citrus Sorbet’? You have to vape it to find the answer!
  • Bliss: Bliss offers you a soft and squishy gummy candy with an intense refreshing watermelon sweet flavor.
  • Legendary: Try this sweet & delicious old fashioned banana nut bread. 
  • Prestige: A blend of tropical wild mangoes in a citrus grapefruit refreshment that will surely quench your vape thirst.
  • Relentless: What do you call the excrement of a gummy fish that ate a gummy worm that ate a cross-species fruit derived from strawberries and cherries? A conceptually disgusting gastronomically delicious Berry Juice.
  • Triumph: Do you love that purple stuff? Vape this delicious grape juice today.

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