Glow Tray x Runtz LED Rolling Tray



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  • World's 1st Illuminating LED Rolling Tray
  • Rechargeable 4-Hour Battery
  • 6 Multi Color LED Lights with Auto Party Mode
  • Includes Micro Suede Carry Bag
  • Includes Fast Charging USB-C charging cable
  • Available in Assorted Colors

Welcome to a new age of rolling. The rolling tray has been reinvented with LEDs to make every session a party! Glow Tray has teamed up with Cookies, producers of some notable and sought-after strains of marijuana, to bring you the Glow Tray x Runtz LED Rolling Tray.

Named after a delectably sweet strain of weed known for its purple and green hues and dense resin, these trays are the perfect companion for any tobacco, herb or flower.

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