Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit

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Geek Vape Mini Tool Kit has all the essential coil building tools any novice or advanced users could ask for! This kit includes screwdrivers, coiling kit, pliers, and scissors all stored within a zipped tool pouch to create any type of coils.

You will receive: 

  • 1X - Diagonal Pliers 
  • 1X - Needle Nose Pliers
  • 1X - Foldable Scizzors 
  • 1X - Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1X - Flathead Screwdriver
  • 1X - Ceramic Tweezer 
  • 1X - Geek Vape Coiling Kit 
  • 4X - Winding Rods - 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm
  • 1X - Zippered Pouch

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