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Travel to the deep, dark depths of the ocean with the Kraken Hand Pipe! This 5” spoon pipe has an incredibly unique, intricate design that is sure to catch your customers’ attention. Made of a dark-toned fumed glass, the Kraken also has a cool, textured finish that truly makes this a one-of-a-kind piece. The texture adds grip to the piece, minimizing the chance that it’s dropped while in use.

There is an adorable little octopus perched on the stem, with his legs outstretched and wrapped around the flower bowl. His little eyes are just begging for the bowl to be filled again and again! The Kraken features a very deep flower bowl with extended capacity. This isn’t a bowl that will need to be repacked after every few hits, it’s sure to make it around the circle a few times.

The Kraken is a step above the average glass hand pipe. This is a beautifully-designed piece that is closer to a work of art than a regular old bowl. Give the Kraken the love and attention it deserves by displaying it on a prominent shelf in your glass display case. It will rest easily and securely with the flat base of the flower bowl, no need to worry about it rolling around or knocking other delicate pieces over.

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