Custom Glass Hand Pipe - 5" - Beehive



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In the mood for something sweet? Look no further than the Beehive Hand Pipe! This 5” spoon pipe has an intricate design that is sure to catch your customers’ attention. This is a very solid flower bowl made of thick glass that feels sturdy in hand. The bowl portion is designed to look like a beehive, with a honeycomb design made from a rich, yellow-gold color.

The stem is a dark black color with two green leaves protruding from either side. Little worker bees are hard at work, with two bees on the stem and three surrounding the bowl piece. The Beehive features a very deep flower bowl with extended capacity. This isn’t a bowl that will need to be repacked after every few hits, it’s sure to make it around the circle a few times!

The Beehive is a step above the average glass hand pipe. This is a beautifully-designed piece that is closer to a work of art than a regular old bowl. Give the Beehive the love and attention it deserves by displaying it on a prominent shelf in your glass display case. Despite the intricate outer design, this bowl is actually easy to clean, and is made in the USA!

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