Big-E Portable E-Nail by HYER



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The Big-E™ adaptor kit replaces the torch that has long dictated how one would use aromatic extracts with something much more versatile and less worrisome

Comes With:

  • Quartz Vaporization Element 14mm Male
  • Quartz Vaporization Element 14mm Female
  • 30W Removable Ceramic Heating Element With 12" Cable
  • Clamp on Base with 4 x 3300 mAh Li-ion Batteries (48W)
  • USB C Recharging Cable + 18W Wall Charging Adapter 
  • Smart Switch Coupling Cable 6" Extension 
  • 14-18mm Female/Male Glass Adapter
  • Quartz Carb Cap
  • Instruction Manual 

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