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Not everyone can be as cool as you rocking a Backwoods LED light backpack! Buy one today and start storing all your accessories in there.

It has two pockets. One is big to store all your belongings like books, laptops and such in there. The other one is a zipper one the front that lets you put smaller accessories in there. You can put your drinks on either side using the nylon mesh holder. 

Each backpack comes with a battery pack that takes 2x AA batteries (not included) to light up your bag throughout the night!

  • 16in x 14in
These bags are not your ordinary bags. All of the bags are made with high quality durable material and have thick padding throughout the entire bag for extra strength and comfort. The designs are special made custom designs you won't find anywhere else and, are printed on high quality water resistant leather.
The logo on the backpack is actually an LED light which has several features. It is made of high quality water proof and super flexible and bendable so it doesn't break. It has 5 custom light effect features controlled by a simple push of a button, push the button first to keep the all the lights on fully, push the button a second time to make all the light blink slowly at the same time, push the button a third time to have all the lights blink at the same time at a faster speed, push the button a fourth time to have a custom blinking pattern of the logo highlighting it from the middle outward, the fifth time the button is pressed will turn on the sound activation which makes the logo flash according to the sound it hears either by voice or music or any other sound. To turn off the light push the button one last time. The lights are activated by a custom small battery pack which is easily removable by simply unplugging it, simply put 2 of your rechargeable AAA batteries to use, batteries are not included. The backpack has a 13 inch laptop front zipper pocket and plenty of extra storage pockets in the main compartment area. High quality handle strap as well as shoulder straps which can easily be adjusted to size.

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