8″ - MK100 Glass Dry Tornado Nectar Collector Set



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  • 8" MK100 Dry Tornado Nectar Collector Set
  • Inches : 8" Tall
  • Thickness: 7mm

Take your smoking game to a whole new level with this Dry Tornado Perc Nectar Collector Set from MK100 Glass. Superb levels of filtration and flavors are the results produced from this nectar collector pipe and this is all due to the unique percolator found within. As you inspect within, you will notice the main percolator which is a turbine perc that adds a tornado effect to the water within the base while taking a draw. If you're looking for a new piece which will offer great flavor and filter out unwanted toxins than this purchase should be a no-brainer. This nectar Collector is 8 inches of length which includes 14mm Quartz tip and a metal clip.    

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