8″ - MK100 Glass Aqua Colortube Showerhead Rig



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  • 8" 
  • Inches : 8" Tall
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Premium Banger

If you're looking for something that could sit comfortably in your hands or taking it on a tour, this 8" Classic Showerhead Rig might be just right for you. The overall structure of this dab rig is quite simple yet attractive with fully colored tube. The shower-head perc ensures smooth, purifying filtration, which is perfect for any amount of smoke. This dab rig comes with 14mm MK Premium Quartz Banger. And most importantly, It has a fixed tube connecting the 14mm male joint and the showerhead percolator, regardless the size, this little guy is able to generate a massive amount of bubbles! 

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