10" - MK100 Glass Magic Mushroom Straw Nectar Collector



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  • MK100 Magic Mushroom Straw Nectar Collector
  • Inches : 10" Tall
  • Thickness: 5mm

The Magic Mushroom Straw Nectar Collector is a singular 10-inch design with a worked glass mushroom decoration. This handmade nectar collector straw measures 10-inch in length and is made with high quality, borosilicate glass. This straw is especially designed for vaping your waxy concentrates. The mushroom inside has little holes in it, functioning as a percolator and filtering your smoke into smoothed out hits full of flavor. The honey tip of this nectar straw then needs to be heated for about five to seven seconds. Place the heated tip in the side of the dish and inhale the fumes of your waxy concentrates. Because each nectar straw is individually handmade by glass artists, the straw you receive will be one-of-a-kind. The nectar straws come in assorted colors, and MK100 logo is stamped on the front of the perc part of the piece. It can easily able to fit into pockets and small bags for traveling. Gift the extra pipes this Thanksgiving to your fellow smokers and have a group sesh! 

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