Head Hunters Smoke Shop is always on the hunt for cutting edge in the know Head Hunter's peeps.  We are a fast-paced, drive thru if necessary but we also draw crowds for our stunning glass collections that are unique and the very best the Smoke Shop industry has to offer.  We love to cater to our elite locals and visitors alike. We pride ourselves by offering an experience to our loyal customer base that is unparalleled to our competitors.
We thank our very talented employees who makes Head Hunters Smoke Shop such a great success! Our Smoke Shops are all unique as well as our very knowledgeable staff members and we offer the finest Head Hunters Smoke Shop products the industry will allow. 


Head Hunters Smoke Shop Positions:

Sales/Cashiers - Must have ability to understand our products, learn fast and explain them properly. Having the gift of gab, ability to put products together well, and prioritize our customers needs and requests. You must genuinely like to help people, assist them and must be able to pass on the Head Hunters Smoke Shop Jargon so the customer leaves with an experience. The ability to work as a team and to get along with others is very important. To work efficiently and productively and to be able to assist other staff members when needed is crucial. Being reliable, punctual and having an open schedule by being on call and fill in on shifts when needed is a huge plus and great way to get your foot in the door!  

Delivery Drivers - Are you a fast learner, great driver and love to help people? Our delivery drivers are prompt, reliable and manage our product lines and are primarily responsible to keeping our loyal customer base happy. This position is always on the go and critical to keep our valued Lubbock, Texas locals happy!  

Online - Must have the ability to describe products well, and have an eye for presentation. Uploading pics and keeping products updated and the ability to focus is required! Should have critical thinking skills and computer savvy and in the know.

Warehouse - Must have the ability to stock, lift and move! Got to be able to keep up with supply and demand! Hustler, on the go and self-motivated. Must understand deadlines, be organized, reliable and trainable! If this is you, we have positions coming soon. Apply now!

Maintenance - Talented and can fix just about anything? If this is you, please apply! We always have new set ups, props and ideas and need talented motivated fixer uppers type talent.

If any of these positions are calling your name, please APPLY!
Head Hunters Smoke Shop Application, Apply here!

You can attach your completed application along with your optional resume and email: headhunterssmokeshopemployment@gmail.com

Looking for to apply to a specific location? You can send your application to:

Lubbock, TX

2146 19th Street Lubbock, TX: hhss19th@gmail.com

2602 34th Street Lubbock, TX: hhss34th@gmail.com

3419 82nd Street Lubbock, TX: hhss82nd@gmail.com

2910 Slide Road Lubbock, TX: hhssslide@gmail.com

Port Isabel, TX

107 S. Tarnava St. Port Isabel, TX: hhsspadre@gmail.com