This Head Hunters Smoke Shop location on 2146 19th Street in Lubbock, Texas is our second location and was established in the year 2014, due to its enormous set up it quickly became the main headquarters. It is known as the "Largest Smoke Shop in Texas" with its grand lobby that will make your head spin!

It's a real live Party Zone and sports a performance stage for promo parties hosting talented, local entertainment from comedians to DJs. This monstrosity smoke shop has a black light cave, vapes, pipes, hookahs, a crazy selection that will not only make your head spin but then will blow your mind!

Just a two minute drive from Texas Tech and less than half a mile walk, makes our popular smoke shop the perfect place to get a break and pop in for a tour into this Party Zone. We appreciate our hard working Texas Tech students and with a Student ID we give a 10% discount on anything you purchase, excluding tobacco products.

Get into the zone and come see this grand display of every smoke shop accessory imaginable. Equipped with fashion forward apparel, backpacks, hats and more, this is a real shopping experience for a Head Hunter!

Store Hours:
Everyday from 10 AM - 12AM

Contact Us:
(806) 831-1909