Quartz Bangers

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A quartz banger is a variation of a concentrate nail, which allows the user to heat their concentrates while delivering more flavors and effects than other heating methods. A quartz banger, constructed from single piece quartz, is used in tandem with a waterpipe to heat your concentrates and deliver the vapor through your water pipe to your mouth.

The anatomy of the banger includes the bucket, where your concentrates are heated, and then the joint, which will connect to your water pipe. This simple construction avoids a lot of extra pieces commonly associated with glass nails, which require the use of a dome. The simplistic design of the quartz banger makes for easier maintenance and eliminates small, losable pieces.

Quartz bangers are the standard for those who prefer concentrates. The reason for the prevalence of these types of concentrate accessories is their inert nature, which means that they are chemically inactive. This prevents any unwanted flavors imparting upon your compounds. This inertness also makes it hard for materials to stick to the quartz because it is not porous. This property not only makes it easier to clean but also prevents the loss of precious concentrates that would otherwise be absorbed by ceramic or low-quality glass.

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10mm, 14mm, 18mm

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