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Mega Puffs 10,000! If you have been searching for the latest and greatest disposable vaporizer, then look no further than the Mega Puffs 10,000! There are hundreds of disposable vaporizers available on the market, but there aren’t any that even come close to the quality and vaping experience delivered by the Mega Puffs 10,000. The Mega Puffs 10,000 is the first disposable vape system that features over 10,000 puffs! The world of vaping is constantly evolving. The Mega Puffs 10,000 has evolved with the times and now offers a premium vaping experience without the expensive price tag of many other lesser quality vapes. In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at the features of the Mega Puffs 10,000, along with a detailed look at the 10 different e-liquid flavors that you can choose from. So, if you have been searching for the latest in vaping technology and enjoy hitting a disposable vape just like you would a mod, then the Mega Puffs 10,000 could be perfect for you! Mega Puffs Features One of the biggest advantages that the Mega Puffs 10,000 have over its competition is the massive 10,000 puffs per device. This is a massive increase in the competition. To put it into perspective for you, most people hit their vape about 300 times per day. The Mega Puffs 10,000 gives you over 10,000 puffs which equal out to over a month of solid vaping without having to worry about buying another device or running out of e-liquid. The Mega Puffs 10,000 holds 20ml of your chosen flavor e-liquid with over 10 different flavors to choose from, but we’ll get into the flavors in more detail below. That’s 10 different flavors of premium, high VG, DTL e-liquid that’s sure to get your taste buds tingling! A 1250mAh rechargeable battery powers the 40W power of the Mega Puffs 10,000. You can quickly and easily charge your Mega Puffs 10,000 using the included USB charging cable. It doesn’t matter where you are. Your charging cable is compatible with almost every USB charging port. 

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Blue Raz, Cool Mint, Energy Ice, Grape Soda, Honey Chocolate, Lush Ice, Mango Ice, Mix Melon, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Apple

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