Character Honey Straws (Nectar Collector)

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Heat-Dip-Trip! Honey straws are the easiest and fastest way to dab, just heat the small tip of the glass and use it like a straw by placing the hot tip gently over the concentrates while inhaling through the other end. These honey straws are near 5 inches long by three quarter inch diameter, easily take it anywhere in the custom package box which it comes in. The honey straws are made with high temp resistant glass which has a custom design sticker baked onto the glass so it can not be removed, this design matches the custom design package box. This set also comes with a colorful silicone jar for the concentrates to be stored in as well as a cleaning brush to keep the peice clean. Each display has ten honey straws, 5 designs, 2 each design.

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Alice In Wonderland, Blue Cookies, Camo Cookies, Honey Backwoods, Nightmare, Purple Backwoods, Purple Cookies, Rasta, Supreme, Swisher Sweet, Trippie Redd

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