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  • Looking for a solution to clogged downstems and ash-filled bong water? Tired of cheap, unreliable screens that don’t get the job done? With our high-quality bong screens, you can say goodbye to obstruction and grimy water! Made of 304 surgical stainless steel, these 5/8" high-flow smoking screens are sized to fit perfectly in our 14mm bong bowl. Our proprietary mesh allows for prolonged use without reduction in air flow, keeping your bong water cleaner for longer. We guarantee each screen will last 20 bowls before you even consider swapping it out!
  • We know that most smokers have given up on smoking screens after being disappointed one too many times by low-quality, unreliable products made of unsafe materials. We’re confident that our Invincibowl and screens will revolutionize your smoking experience by providing thorough filtration while still allowing significant air flow. Unlike competitors, these screens are built to last and allow you to turn your device over completely to remove ash using our Secure-Screen system.


  • Dealing with filthy bong water is not only revolting but also time-consuming. With Invincipole's proprietary stainless steel pipe screens, you get double the filtration with none of the hassles. These screens are made of 304 surgical stainless steel and allow for maximum air flow. They keep embers and ash out of the bong while providing a smooth, even burn of the herb. 
  • Generic screens degrade easily and are made of corrosive elements like that are known to be harmful. Continuous heat fluctuation has been shown to contribute to the deterioration of brass screens. Our stainless steel screens will not wear out from thermal cycles induced by smoking applications. Upgrade your smoking experience today with an Invincipole and a screen pack to see what all the excitement is about!


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